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We’re a team of registered medical and holistic specialists, brought together by a shared mission to modernise the way menopause is treated.

We offer women all over Australia access to safe, natural and effective treatment options to ease their unwanted menopausal symptoms, (and that goes for unwanted weight too!).

We support you every step of the way, wherever you are.

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Abeer’s story

Losing weight felt impossible, then she found HCG

After so many failed attempts to lose weight, Abeer got more than she bargained for with our HCG Weight Loss Program. She claimed back her figure, her confidence and her health! Now a year later, and she still feels like a new woman.


I had never slept better and no longer felt bloated and uncomfortable. It’s now almost a year later, and I still feel great! Pause Menopause – and Kylie especially, you have changed my life! I cannot thank you enough for giving me the confidence to wear whatever I like and feel fabulous!

Abeer Ramsey

Completed the Pause Menopause HCG treatment

Sally’s story

From fear, to feeling fantastic!

Nobody was more nervous of trying hormone treatment than Sally. But after her free consultation with our friendly team, she wished she’d discovered our more natural alternative to hormone therapy sooner!

Lee’s story

Two months in Ketosis – there’s no stopping her now!

Lee came to us believing that feeling sluggish and gaining weight was all part of the deal of getting older. We showed her with our Ketogenic 4 Week Plan! Now feeling better than she has in years, she’s embracing her new life.

Read more

Women are more likely to gain weight as they approach menopause, as production of the hormone oestrogen declines. The body’s natural way of correcting this deficit is to convert more calories into fat cells, (fat cells can produce oestrogen).

Our weight loss programs are designed to correct these underlying hormone imbalances, achieving fantastic long-lasting results.

After years of being told to eat ‘fat-free’, it might feel counter-intuitive to go on a high fat diet. But trust us, shifting your body to fuel itself with fat instead of sugar is the most effective weight loss method out there.

Not to mention, the long term-health benefits will keep you feeling great for years to come.

Our weight loss programs are packaged with everything you need to succeed.
Read how Pause Menopause client Rachel Stuart stuck with the program and achieved her weight loss goals…

Treatments available for men

A full Medical Consultation with our Doctor is free for anyone interested in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy.


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